Anybody can be interesting,
some of us just have
to work harder at it  

Being the center of attention
dosen't mean you are the
center of the universe

Make your life an
interesting story

Being in the right place
means that you have
to move to get there

It's time to live the life
you think you deserve

Live the adventure instead
of watching it on TV

Be fun to be around

Don't take yourself too seriously

Be the interesting guy!
Many people have told me that I'm an interesting guy. It's not something I planned to do. It just happened. I just like learning about interesting subjects and I enjoy trying new things. I have lots of varied interest and that can make you interesting. Also, I like to have fun and beleive that I can learn to do just about anything, given the opportunity. 

I believe that to be interesting, you have to know other interesting people and try new and interesting things. I seek out  opportunities to meet new people and to learn new skills. I also like fixing problems. That has led me to creating new products and helping others do the same.

I've been told that I'm a good salesman, but I believe that I just listen and try to solve other peoples problems. The last door-to-door salesmen that come to my door left buying a product from me. I once went to a party and sold a large silk screening project. The next day I learned how to do silk screening. I even talked my beautiful European wife into marring me on our first date, and we could barely communicate.      

I've had some interesting adventures and have succeeded at many challenges. I received a call one day from an official at the Department of Energy and he told me I had made history. He explained that my grant proposal impressed them so much that they went to congress to gain additional funds, and as such, it took an "Act of Congress" to fund my grant request. I was told that I was the first person to receive this treatment and as such had made history. 

In my time so far, I have written and received Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. I've written ten books, and received grants from the Department of Energy and Department of Defense. I did it all with little or no help. I'm happy to have accomplished so much, but I still have so much more to do.

To be interesting you have learn, so you can teach, you have to become successful, so you can help others. It's also important to be adventurous and travel whenever you can. I've traveled to Rome, London, Paris and Belfast. I've been from coast to coast in the United States. I've also flown planes, raced cars, and been in a movie, and on television and the radio many times over.

Being interesting means having a since of humor and being able to laugh at your self. Making mistakes are a part of learning. It means building relationships and keeping friends and family in your life. It also means having the right partner and that doesn’t been someone that alway agrees with you. Always remember that solving problems and having to be creative makes you more interesting.           

Some of my Intellectual experiences include:

I Patented and Internationally Licensed the Fire Guardian, Created a business as a Intellectual Property Consultant, Ten published books, Responsible for hundreds of patents issued to my clients, produced seminars on product development, designed fire protection products for the Department of Defense. I Created educational material for the Department of Energy. I design and hosts websites, and I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

Some of my Artistic experiences include:

Sculpture, Art, Graphic Art, Photography, Video production, I have been in a movie, on TV and on the Radio multiple times.
Website design, Pen striping on cars and motorcycles, Photoshop photo maipulation, Fanasty silhouette photography.

Some of my Business experiences include:

Started Quest International, Inc to assist creative entrepreneurs, Technical and creative writing experience, Staffing industry experience, I have placed several thousand people in career positions, Extensive experience in engineering and industrial design. Developed a Design Efficiency Program that was published by the National Technical Information Services and funded by the Department of  Energy.

Professional Affiliations:

Who's Who among Executives & Professionals, Member 2009-2010
Who's Who in the World, 1995-1996
Who's Who in America, 1994-1995
Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 1993-1994
Who's Who Among Young American Professionals, 1992-1993
Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America, 1991-1992
Oklahoma Writers Association

                                                                 Success is simple. You just do it

Any One Can Be Anything They Want To Be - The Question Is How Hard Are You Willing To Work For It
The Most Interesting Guy In The Room
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